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sun-dried natural coffee green beans from



Our Roots


Welcome to Ywangan Shwe Taung Thu, a farmer-owned venture in Myanmar’s coffee heartland. We are located in Ywangan, Southern Shan State. Our elevation of 1,250 to 1,500 metres above sea level is the ideal environment for producing high-quality highland coffee.


Our name is a blend of "Shwe," representing gold, and "Taung Thu," which stands for farmers. 


Over the past six years we have exported our coffee to various countries around the world. Coffee connoisseurs in the US, Canada, Dubai, the UK, France, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Thailand have all bought our fine Arabica green beans.


We are proud to share the story of Ywangan Shwe Taung Thu's unwavering passion and dedication to exceptional Myanmar coffee.



natural processing


very fruity, sweet, consistent


between 83 and 86.5


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Our Promise

We continue to aim to consistently produce and export high-quality specialty Myanmar coffee to consumers around the world. As we expand our yield to cater for increased demand, our focus is on building a sustainable market that uplifts member villages.


We are committed to improving the living standards of Ywangan farmers. We achieve this in a variety of ways. These include offering superior trade and technical support services, access to finance and by improving production skills of all those coffee growers within the sphere of our reach.

The Heart of Our Cultivations

The captivating landscapes of Myanmar's mountainous Shan state, where our farms are located, create an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. There you find stunning waterfalls and scenic views. It provides a picturesque backdrop for our endeavours.

The climate is mild and we cultivate our coffee in the high-altitude fields surrounded by these mountains. The plantations are peaceful and beautiful too. Avocado, silver oak, and jack trees provide natural shade for our coffee trees.

Capacity Building and Support

Our cooperative model drives our commitment to ensuring that each of the 17 villages has representation. These farmers are active members who deliver fully ripe, high-quality coffee cherries to our drying station. In return, the operational team at Ywangan Shwe Taung Thu offers valuable support in various forms, including technical guidance, market access, and financial assistance.

Opportunities for all.jpg

Opportunities for All

We wholeheartedly embrace the potential of the youth, and our commitment lies in creating job opportunities for the next generation of coffee growers. We actively involve young individuals from our member villages, inspiring them to pursue a rewarding career in the coffee industry by enhancing their technical skills and income potential.


Furthermore, we are strong advocates for women's empowerment, championing equal work opportunities and fair pay to ensure their essential role in the thriving agribusiness sector in Myanmar. Our efforts extend beyond coffee as we work towards building a brighter future for our community.


total producer members


of which are women


of which are youth


associate members

Nurturing Quality

Our harvesting process begins with the meticulous selection of fully ripe cherries, their maturity assessed using a refractometer. We eliminate floaters through water separation, ensuring the selection of the best cherries. Our Ywangan-based factory employs sun-dried processing, utilising approximately 500 drying tables.


Since we operate as a cooperative we also engage in collaborations with Ywangan Amayar (coffee company) and other processors for our coffee processing. These painstaking steps yield consistently dried coffee of the utmost quality. These green Arabica coffee beans are then ready for further preparation.

Working with the team at Ywangan Shwe Taung Thu

in Myanmar is a pleasure.

Susan Heller Evenson

Trader, Atlas Coffee Importer

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